Five Hidden Dangers in Your Home

5 hidden dangers small

Owning a home is no small feat and maintaining a safe one can feel like a full time job.  While many take the steps to secure their home from intruders, pest and weather…there are some hazards that exist within the walls that you call home. Here are 5 hidden dangers that you may have overlooked;

  1. Accidental fires. In 2018, there were more than 363,000 house fires which could have been prevented or contained. From an unattended candle, to an iron that was left plugged in…house fires cause the most severe damage. Steps that one can take to avoid this situation include updating and checking smoke alarms annually, purchasing a fire extinguisher and checking appliances and making sure all candles are put out before leaving the room.
  2. Carbon monoxide.  Exposure to this can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and in severe cases death. Carbon monoxide is virtually impossible to detect by smell so installing a CO2 detector can help out with that. Along with installing your monitor, have your HVAC systems professionally inspected for any leaks or ruptures.
  3. Choking Hazards. Choking was the fourth leading cause of death in 2015 and a majority of the 5000 cases could have been prevented.  Keep an eye out for toys, small parts or cords that kids may want to pick up.  Make sure to cut up food in small portions.  Monitor playtime and whereabouts of children at all times, especially if you have a pool, trampoline, etc.
  4. Infected cuts. Remember to store sharp kitchen tools in higher drawers and always point knives, forks or sharp objects downward in a drying rack.  Ensure your trashcan is closed properly so that kids don’t find sharp scraps.  Put away yard tools to avoid any type of injury or wound.
  5. Store medications properly and as recommended by label.  Never leave paint or chemicals easily accessible or in a room that has drastic temperature changes.  And last but not least, put your detergent in a secured location.

We hope these suggestions ensure you create a safe and happy home.

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