Summer Heat Safety for Your Pet

july 20 small

With summer in full effect and longer daylight hours allowing for more bonding time with our fur babies, we must remember that the higher temperatures also means a higher risk of them becoming overheated.

Please remember that pets do not sweat the same way humans do and can easily become dehydrated and exhausted. Avoiding this is simple and easy if we remember the 4 S’s of pet care during these dog days of summer.

Shade and water- Probably the most important of all to make sure our furry companions can cool off properly

Signs of Exhaustion- Include panting, wobbly legs and drooling, so keep an eye out for this

Sunscreen or Shoes – Believe it or not, pets get sunburns and blisters too. This is more common in light colored coats and pets with bigger paws.  Especially avoid walking on dark surfaces such as asphalt in extreme heat

Schedule your walks- Taking them out earlier in the day or once the sun is down is ideal not only for you but for them

And one last thing, don’t forget the snacks.

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