Weekend Fun at Home

june 12 weekend wm

As retail shops and restaurants reopen to the public, many people would like to still practice social distancing and stay at home on the weekends. If that is your plan but you’re not sure on how to stay busy and have a little fun while doing it, we’re here to help.

You can still enjoy the outdoors by going on walk with your dog or jogging around the neighborhood. How about finally taking on that cluttered shed or planting that garden you forgot you wanted. If you have little ones to entertain, have a water balloon fight or simply turn the sprinklers on and let them enjoy the pop-up water park.

If staying inside is what you want to do, then try something new like an online yoga class. Plan on rearranging your living space for a fresh new look. Build a fort with your kids and schedule an indoor camp out.

If you have more ideas on how to enjoy staying home on the weekends, let us know!

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