Safety with Cleaning Products

cleaning product safety

Having a clean and disinfected home has become a much greater priority for many in recent months. However, did you know there are some cleaning products that should never be mixed?

The following are reminders from the Toxics Use Reminder Institute that we think you will want to know;

  1. Never mix bleach and ammonia as the creates a potentially deadly concoction. The fumes produced can cause nose and eye irritation and in severe cases, death.
  2. Acid-base toilet bowl cleaners also pose a threat when used with bleach as well. The combination creates chlorine gas which is highly toxic
  3. One thing people need to understand is that bleach is a disinfectant not a cleaner! It should only be used to clean up things like bodily-fluids which have bacterial spread.
  4. Safer alternatives to hazardous cleaning products exist for nearly every type of household cleaner. Look for products with credible third-party certification such as Green Seal, EcoLogo and Safer Choice

For more safety tips visit: click the Cleaning Laboratory tab and you can view these helpful guidelines under ‘Coivd-19 How Safely Clean and Disinfect’

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