Weekend Tips

The weekend is here! But given the current climate in which we are being asked to stay home, we wanted to remind everyone that you can complete many of your weekend errands and fun while practicing social distancing.

  1. Grocery shopping- Several stores offer curbside pickup in which you simply order online and a store employee will bring your groceries to your car
  2. Lunch and dinner options – At this time, almost all restaurants offer curbside takeout, allowing for them to keep doing business and saving you the hassle of cooking
  3. Appointments – Especially if they’re with a healthcare provider, all companies have live professionals that are willing to help you over the phone
  4. Workouts – Due to the Covid-19 spread, workout coaches have begun posting free workouts online that anyone can complete in the comfort of their home
  5. Entertainment – Film studios know that this is not a dress rehearsal when it comes to abiding by the demand to stay in, so many are offering their latest blockbusters on demand for you and your family to watch at home
  6. Friends – Check in with your friends via phone or facetime!  Schedule a video call or virtual hang out with friends or family.

Lastly, if you must go out for necessities that cannot be dealt with electronically or purchased for delivery, please remember to sanitize and practice safe social distancing.  Wishing everyone a safe and healthy weekend!

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