Memorial Day

Today we honor our fallen soldiers who sacrificed everything to keep us safe. We thank those who have served and the family of the servicemen, women and K-9s who continue to protect our great nation. We also reflect back to the Patriots & Paws Golf Tournament that occurred earlier this month. It was an honor to be a part of such a great cause that supports our Veterans as they transition into civilian life and Active Duty/Reservists returning from deployment.

This charity golf tournament was a great success and we met a lot of great individuals through this event! Patriots & Paws is a wonderful organization that unites Veterans with trained rescued animals. These K-9s help give our heroes purpose and serve as an emotional support during what can be a difficult transition time. We look forward to being able to give back to this organization again next year. Be on the lookout for information on how you can give back and even participate in the 2019 Patriots & Paws Charity Golf Tournament.

Click here to learn more about this outstanding organization and how you can get involved & give back!

The start of the 2018 Patriots & Paws Golf Tournament.
The Western Mutual Insurance Group booth at the golf tournament.
Patriot & Paws Golfers pictured left to right: Nate Gardner, Rob O’Neill, Charlotte Haberman and Carmen Estrada.
Patriot & Paws Golfers pictured left to right: Blaine Nelson, Trevor Rogers, John Walker and Micah Sanchez.
Reception tables at the Patriots & Paws Golf Tournament.

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