Holiday Weekend Ideas

Have Dinner Outside – Gather for a casual dinner outside to celebrate the unofficial start of summer.

Play Yard Games – Get the family outside with a fun yard game competition. Set out classic Memorial Day activities like bags, ring toss, and horseshoes.

Have a Picnic – Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time to head to a local park and eat outside. Pack up ready-to-go recipes and toss a picnic blanket in the car. Bring games, Memorial Day decor, and more for a fun day of family activities.

Go to the Beach – If you leave near an open beach, sink your toes into the sand and relax during Memorial Day weekend. Gather your family and head to the local shores.

Pay Respects -Pay tribute to those who served by visiting a nearby cemetery. Place flags and flowers on the graves and honor those who have fought for our country.

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Home Insurance or Home Warranty?

Homeowners insurance provides you the coverage necessary to know your home is protected against unexpected damages from perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, and civil commotion. However, when it relates to repairs or maintenance of your appliances, a home insurance policy does not cover those items, but a home warranty will.

Just like a car, one would not call their insurance for new tires or an oil change, the basic maintenance it needs, but instead refer to a potential car warranty that offered those services. The main difference between an insurance policy and a warranty policy is that the insurance on the home is mandated by the lender as opposed to the warranty that is not.

We hope that in sharing this vital information, we answer some concerns or doubts about your policy.

Be Water Wise

Clean, bountiful water is one of the most important resources around the world. No matter where you are in the world, you can do your part to conserve water by both saving water from being wasted and protecting water from becoming polluted. Here are some tips on being water wise as we go into hotter months.

Shorten your showers – On average, 18 gallons of water are used per person for a 10-minute shower. Reducing shower time can save millions of gallons if the majority would participate in quicker showers.

Do the dishes – Although the jury may be out on this still, dishwashers typically require more water than if one were to wash the dishes by hand.

Mulch, mulch, mulch – Mulch helps regulate soil temperature and retains water even in hot weather. This allows for the homeowner to use less water.

Fix Your Leaks – Hiring a licensed plumber to inspect water lines, or installing a wifi water sensor to detect early leaks can save you money on your water bill and help save you the money and hassle of water damage.

Basics of CPR

Knowing CPR can help save a life during a cardiac or breathing emergency. Remembering the CPR steps and administering them correctly can be a challenge, so while this is in no way intended to substitute for actual CPR training and cannot be considered CPR qualified unless you have completed registered training, we’ve shared the steps provided by American Red Cross below on how to properly perform life saving measures.
1.       Check the scene for safety
2.       Check for responsiveness, use the tap-shout-tap to assess if person appears unresponsive
3.       If they do not respond, call 9-1-1 or ask someone to do so
4.       Place person on their back on a flat surface
5.       Give 30 compressions with hands centered on chest and arms locked in place. Shoulders should be directly over hands as you compress about 2 inches allowing chest to return to normal position after each compression
6.       Open airway by tilting head back and check for obstruction in throat, if no obstruction, proceed by giving a breath at least 1 second long, enough for chest to rise
7.       Continue with sets of compression and 2 breaths until medical help arrives

Time For a New Homeowners Policy?

Have you been looking into ways on how to save money but haven’t thought about replacing your insurance coverage to do so? Well, here’s your sign to look into it. Many insurance companies like ourselves offer premium discounts to new customers which means really reasonable rates.

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5 Household Items to Always Keep Stocked

There are certain things that you should always have in stock at home. You know, staples that are constantly used and frequently replaced. There are five items however that should never run out of as they are not only helpful around your home but during an emergency as well.

First up, vinegar. You can use vinegar to clean your microwave; remove grease; clean carpeting; as a furniture polish; and to disinfect food by diluting it in water and soaking your food briefly before consuming.

Second, rubber gloves!  They can come in handy daily for dishes, but also in emergencies can protect your hands from rough edges or glass or hazardous materials.    

Third, water!  Always best to keep a stash of bottled water somewhere in the house.  You can also use the water from your water heater tank in case of serious emergency. 

Fourth in line, salt. Salt can be used to season food but also diluted in water for dental rinse, wound cleaning, and hydration.

Last, aluminum foil. Aluminum foil isn’t just to keep your food warm and covered. Its also used to clean dishes by turning it into a ball and if needed it can be folded into a sharp tool.

We hope this list inspired you to remember these items on your next trip to the store.

Winner, Winner!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our 80 year anniversary raffle. As mentioned one lucky insured would win $800 as part of our grand prize and that person will be contacted privately. Again, our success is owed to our customers and the referrals we receive from each and every one of you.

Western Mutual is eternally grateful for the many years you have allowed us to serve you. Here’s to 80 more!