Staying Home Due to Coronavirus? Fun Entertainment Ideas

With all the school closings due to Coronavirus concern, many parents have found themselves home with their children for an extended staycation, without much time to prepare.  Here are some fun activity ideas to do with your kids to help keep them distracted and entertained.  Many of these can also apply to adults getting stir crazy at home alone or with your partner, just add a glass of wine if needed.

  • Bake! Bake your favorite family cookie recipe with your kids.  Don’t have a favorite recipe on hand?  Bake some homemade chocolate cookies using the recipe on the back of Tollhouse chocolate chips bags.  Most, if not all ingredients are standard so you may not need to run out for any extra ingredients.
  • Have a movie marathon. Make some popcorn and line up a few of your favorite family movies for enjoyment.
  • Make a scavenger hunt. Hide educational or just fun clues around the house and sit back and enjoy the show.  This is a great way to get your kids moving around the house between movie marathons.
  • Family games tournament. Yachtzee!  Uno!  Battleship!  Start a family games tournament for hours of entertainment.  Video games and puzzles are great too!
  • Build an indoor camp or fort and go camping in your very own living room! Or in the backyard for some fresh air if you have outdoor space and weather cooperates.

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th, typically recognized as a superstitious day with unexplainable events and misfortune. However, many fail to realize the rarity and fun facts about this day.

For example, most horror films are released on this day and historically have grossed substantially over initial predictions suggested.

Fittingly, Alfred Hitchcock was born on Friday the 13th.

Every year will have at least one fearful Friday but this year holds two in store for us.

Let us know what you do to ensure a safe and positive day.



30 Second Quote

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National Employee Appreciation Day

Created in 1995 as a day to recognize and acknowledge the commitment of hard workers, national employee appreciation day is celebrated the first Friday of March. Typical workplace celebrations include office engagement with events like luncheons and staff games. Also appreciation post or thank you cards are a big deal on this day. All in all, no matter how your office shows their gratitude…remember to keep up the great work!


Daylight Savings

It’s that time of year again when we have to get used to the change in time. Daylight savings also known as summer hours will begin Sunday March 8th.  Allowing for us to take advantage of more sunlight and long summer nights. Sounds great right? Well, we lose an hour of sleep as the clock will jump ahead at 2AM. So remember to go to sleep early and set your clocks forward!  This is also a good time of year to change your smoke alarm batteries and verify they are in working condition.


Spring Cleaning Tips

As winter comes to an end and we prepare for spring to bloom, many people take this time to do some house cleaning in preparation with a nice little tune.

We would like to give you some tips on making this process a breeze, it’ll make your home look good by getting rid of the dust but it might make you sneeze.

So take on this task and prepare yourself well, here is the list to make this season go swell.

  • Create a list of all the rooms and the items that need to be taken care of in each, regardless of where you start just make sure you finish one room before moving on to the next
  • De-clutter before sanitizing or dusting as an organized room, pantry or closet compels the mind to continue cleaning and eliminates unnecessary stress
  • Always work from top to bottom, especially if removing cobwebs or dusting ceiling fans. And before vacuuming, clean table/counter tops to knock dust off
  • Eliminate the germs that ruled during winter by washing curtains in hot water, replacing shower curtains and sanitizing light switches, sink handles, remote controls and soap pumps as the hand touches that before getting washed!
  • Don’t forget about your air filters and air ducts which build up dust and are the entryway for unwanted outdoor allergies

We hope this makes your spring cleaning a little easier, let us know your tips and tricks.



Western Mutual Turns 78

This week our company turns 78 years old!  That’s seventy-eight years servicing the western United States, providing quality customer service and competitive, affordable insurance.  We first opened on March 7, 1942 as a mutual fire insurer.  #WithYouSince42

Over the years our group has expanded and added subsidiaries such as Residence Mutual in 1949 and Arizona Home Insurance in 1990.  It has been our pleasure to bring you comfort in knowing your home is protected by a long-standing, reputable company.

We thank you for all these years and look forward to continuing on for another 78+!